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New from California


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Hi everyone,

I 'm hopping that there might be someone here that can help point me in the right direction.


I've been given a Synology DS1511+. the issue is that the DSM (5.2.5565) will not update. it runs fine with the original hard drive, starts up and I can access the web interface. If I try to update the DSM it gives me an error code. If I replace the drive and try and reinstall with the same DSM it gets to the point where it restarts and I get the dreaded flashing blue power button. I was hopping that it would be possible to re-flash the USB flash module in hopes that this would solve the issue, but not sure how to proceed.


Any help would be very appreciated. 


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If by chance any one has made a tutorial on how to reprogram the USB Flash module. I ran across a web page regarding reprograming but there was never any final answer as to weather it can be done. If not, with the way it stands, can I install Xpenology?    


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