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Seemingly healthy VMDK virtual drive showing as crashed


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My ESXi-based Xpenology system (DSM 6.2-23739 1.03a2) is now showing Disk1 as 'Crashed'.

Disk1 is actually a vmdk file hosted on ESXi which seems to be healthy.

Clicking the 'Health Info' button returns 'Access Error. An Error occurred when accessing this drive...'


Is there any way to restore access to the disk in DSM?

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Normally my disks show as "Healthy" in green text but occasionally I get them in Red and it says "Failing" or something like that but it still works. Only one time have I gotten a VMDK that actually reported as crashed even though ESXi showed everything is fine. I think I got it working again by removing the VMDK from the machine, rebooting and then adding it again, rebooting. That VMDK was then available to "Repair" the now degraded storage pool with.


If that doesn't work, assuming this VMDK is part of a storage pool with RAID 1, 5, etc... maybe delete the VMDK then create a new one and rebuild the array onto that? Backup data first of course before trying any of the above.

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