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Do you recommend XPE for test only?


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I've been looking at XPE for some time now, and I was wondering, do you recommend XPE for test purpose only, or is it safe to use in an everyday enviroment?


My plan of usage for XPE would be:


Backup of 3 pc's, photos, music that kind of things.

FTP for serving media with friends, which would be raw media for further editing.


Specs for the build is hardware I got laying around:

CPU: Core i5 3570K
Motherboard: P8Z77-I Deluxe
8 Gigs of some Corsair Dual channel.
2x1TB WD Red.

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In my experience XPE is stable enough to use for a live environment. If your question is "is XPE data safe for mission critical storage and remote access?" the same rules would apply to XPE as well as any other system of this nature. Retain at least one backup of critical data on a separate system. Anything connected to the internet is vulnerable period. XPE may have an increased risk if you can't maintain up to date security patches in a timely manor.


Only you can decide if XPE can meet your security/data storage requirements as the value of your data is only known to you. And only you know how willing you are to apply the appropriate measures to keep your data safe and backed up.


Whenever you apply a patch there is a risk that data could become damaged or lost. XPE is no different to any other system in that respect so following the three golden rules of data storage would apply. 1: Backup 2: Backup 3: Backup.

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