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Migrating SHR from DS1817+ to new DSM Virtual Machine

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I have a DS1817+ which has an 8 Disk SHR-2 volume setup. I have created a DS3617xs virtual machine. I had to modify the synoinfo.conf file to get DSM to see the physical disks from my passed through LSI 9207-8i HBA. I gave the VM a 20GB datastore to get DSM installed initially 


If I simply take the disks out of the DS1817+ and throw them into the new system, or will it completely bamboozle the system? If it does the whole "Migrate and install DSM" thing on reboot, it will screw the whole setup since I will then lose access to the disks from the LSI 9207-8i once it installs the new DSM OS.


Can I just install them while its on, and just import the array somehow? I don't really want to do trial and error here because while my important data is backed up out the wazoo, I have 15TB of media which is replaceable, but I really don't want to lose it all... 

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