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Hi. First post!


I have DSM running in Azure, but the busybox can't see network adaptors apart from it's own loopback nic.


Has anyone had any luck getting this to work in azure or does anyone know how to troubleshoot the missing nic?


lspci is not installed on the busybox




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Well this doesn't show any virtual NIC in use, at least one that is connected to the PCI bus.  However, it does indicate that the virtualization environment is Hyper-V, which is known not to work with DSM/XPEnology because the Microsoft virtual drivers aren't supported within DSM.


See this thread for relevant discussion - it's possible that if you can select that dialect on your Azure instance, the DEC 21140/net-tulip driver might be able to be added via extra.lzma which might work, but I haven't heard of anyone who has gotten it running as of yet.


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Thanks for the link. Yeah I don't think I can change it to a legacy adaptor, but I could always install a v3 which supports virtualisation and run vmware inside it.


Though DSM is just a linux box surely, there must be a way to copy the drivers from the CentOS box onto the DSM box? Searching about linux drivers doesn't yield many results.


Maybe I should throw in the towel and just create all the individual services manually.



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