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JDownloader on Xpenology


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Hi just wondering if anyone has managed to get JDownloader or similar working on there HP NL Microserver with XPenology.


I have a HP NL36 running DSM 5.0 4458 Update 1 and the only thing left I need is a way of downloading files from rapidgator, uploadedto to replace my NL36 Server 2008 download box.


I've searched various forums and it looks like its doable on a normal Synology NAS but I don't know if this is the case when running on HP Microserver.


I would appreciate it If anyones got any step by step instructions on how to install JDownloader for a noob.



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Some people are reporting success in this thread.


It's probably best not to link direct from here to Synology's forum so please past it in to the address bar.






viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17076&start=120 (that page is where it starts to gets interesting).


If you add this repository http://spk.unzureichende.info/ to your DSM package manager there is a pyLoad package available, which may do as an alternative and it's python based.

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