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Parse error: syntax error


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Can you post a code snippet from the /home/xpenol/public_html/forum/cache/queue.php file a few lines before and after line three maybe enough to find an error?


You could try looking for something like this while your in the code if you spot a similar error...


The line may start with a $query...


values $_REQUEST['VariableName']";


Change to something like this...

values {$_REQUEST['VariableName']}";



Your code will have a different value for 'VariableName'.


You may find that a closing ')' is missing on the line so look for that also.

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The files in the "cache" directory are precompiled PHP files, the main queue.php (text) file is probably in the forum/ directory and is the one which should be changed if required. If changed then the "Purge Cache" operation needs to be performed in the forum admin control panel (worth admin doing this anyway).


I think the queue.php file is responsible for initiation of any EMail messages which the forum sends out. Perhaps someone's entered some new EMail server details in the control panel and the values are illegal/corrupt ? (unlikely)

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Hi Trantor,


in my option cache files should automagically regenerate. Try to delete the queue.php from that location but MAKE A BACKUP FIRST.

Of course if there really is an error in original queue.php then ehis will not fix the problem.


Did you update PhpBB or what did cause the problem?

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The system is providing an error message which would seem to be the first step in finding a solution.


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting ')' in /home/xpenol/public_html/forum/cache/queue.php on line 3


Parse error: Something in the code doesn't meet the rules of the parser.


syntax error: Something isn't meeting the rules of the language.


unexpected T_Encapsed..., expecting ')': The parser isn't seeing the ')' which is required to pass the check. Either it's missing or it's incorrectly escaped?


in /.../queue.php on line 3: The file that has failed to be parsed and the line which contains the error.


Wouldn't it make sense to take a look at that first and try to resolve the missing ')' or apply the required escape?


If you suspect that the issue is associated with the email notification routine then you could establish that by disabling the notification system temporarily, to perform a test to prove that theory.


Something has changed in the past week which has caused this error as it wasn't happening before. Which would suggest that a new script has been activated or an update applied which has broken something somewhere. Running a diff on the changed files against the backup may help discover the source of the error?

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