Can't run win 7 virtual machine

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Hi @ll.

With an xpenology with 10 Gb ram I try to install win 7 iso to check virtual manager. I can't make run it. I change virtual win 7 ram from 1 to 5 Gb and ever see the window that is impossible to take on the image...

Any idea how to make correct? Thanks

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Are you clicking on Connect to bring up the console?

Sorry but I don't think the problem is about Connect. I create different virtual machine, win 7,win 10,Linux... and all have the same problem: Error when power on the machine. When I try to delete them there are errors to do it also...

I try to create image from Vmware disk and although the program allows me to add them, then I can not find how to mount the image...

Very annoying the whole process and a real waste of time.


I downloaded 2.3.4-9027 version


I must activate on VMware xpenology machine the virtualize options

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