Bought 1019+ (for the price of a stock 918+). Xpenology is so much quicker.

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This piece of kit is worth bout 700 bucks due to supply/demand right now, but I got one for 500. I was eager to put my janky Xpenology to bed, but the UI is so.... sluggish compared to my Xpenology with a 10 year old desktop processor. I'm really considering selling it and get a few bucks out of the deal. At least with my Xpenology, I can upgrade to 10 gb networking relatively cheaply. I love the Synology OS, but damn... their hardware sucks.

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I'd have thought that the performance of a real syno box and an xpe build of the same spec should be pretty similar, but that aside, I don't think its a fair comparison. I think people who buy a real syno box are doing so because they want a 'simple' integrated NAS solution, hardware and warranty support and a good feature set. Not everyone has the skills to setup an XPE/DSM system especially when they run in to compatibility problems. I run real syno, XPE/DSM, xigmanas and openmedia vault systems. Xigmanas is the probably the 'fastest', but most complicated to setup, OMV next, XPE/DSM next. Like you I prefer the DSM interface and features so 'put up' with the reduced performance from what I know I could probably have. I'm just grateful for the Devs that have made XPE/DSM a possibility, if that comes to an end then then its another solution  - something not faced with a real syno box. 

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