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Hi everybody,


I was testing FreeNAS and I found that you are able to assign IPs to the docker containers.


I am wondering if it is possible to assign an IP within my network to the container in XPEnology instead of it always running on the same IP as the NAS but with a different port.

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Posted (edited)

Yes it is, I just did this.... 

I couldn't figure out how to do it with the default bridge, so I made a new one and moved all of my containers to it:

1. Open PuTTY or a terminal app (ssh) to your NAS..  (make sure SSH/Terminal is turned on under Control Panel/Terminal&SNMP/Enable SSH Service (I set a custom port)
2. Sign in SSH as an admin user
3. type sudo su for superuser privileges (reenter password)

4. type (without quotes) "docker network create —driver bridge —subnet= —gateway bridgename" <enter>

5. type (without quotes) "docker network connect --ip bridgename containername

6. Type (without quotes) "docker inspect containername" and look through the config... Now instead of a address, you should see the IP you assigned.

Now that I think about it, I may have been able to just type "docker network connect --ip bridge Camil/veryngix" (examples) and it may have assigned to the existing  bridge... I just had that AHA moment after writing this out.....



edit: I use home bridge and sabnzbd in my setup... they kept trading IP's during any reboot event... now SAB stays on it's ip and docker on its own.. I've installed other packages and let them connect DHCP, and they get assigned IP's into the original bridge like normal... I them move them if I want to... I've been too lazy/busy to simply it down to a single bridge.


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