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Docker mapping problems


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Hi all...i have docker running on volume 1(ssd)i want to place my dl from sabnzd to volume 2 data volume

Now im getting that sabnzbd cant wrote on the volume 2

How can i solve this?

I know its something i am doing wrong but i dont know where to go from here.

Hope you can help me


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I use linuxserverio/sabzbd container from the registry.


My dockers all run on volume1 while my data is stored on volume2 and volume3



It's all about your settings and permissions... Look at docker logs, it'll tell you what's going on... But here's a quick cheatsheet I found for you. This is largely similar to my setup. This person handles their categories differently...

File/Folder is your local folder that you want it to download to.... and mouth path is what SABNZBD container is EXPECTING to see, or the pseudonym for it.

obviously, replace these below examples on the LEFT of the = with the path how it lives on your box

volume2/Television   = /tv

volume2/Downloads/incomplete = /incomplete-downloads (REQUIRED BY SAB)

volume2/Downloads = /downloads (required by sab)

volume1/Docker/sabnzbd = /config (requiredbysab)

volume2/movies = /Movies

volume2/Music - /Music


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