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Problems copying and moving files in DSM


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Just installed XPEnology_DS3612xs_3810 and was going to move files between shared folders in DSM. What happens is as soon as I try to drag a file or folder, my computer starts to download it instead.


This is using Chrome. Just tried in Internet Explorer and that worked flawless.


Tried to search but the searchengine removes words that´s "too common".


Is there a solution for this, accept using IE?


Best regards


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Another option might be to use a fileshare (SMB/AFP).

Is browser speed really an issue here? If I understand it correctly you are trying to move files that are already on your nas to another folder? Then the browser is not involved in the copy operation itself. BTW I never do these tasks in a browser. :wink:

My second preferred way is to use an ssh connection to the nas and use some console stuff (cp).

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