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Esx 6.5 Passtrough DSM 6.2


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Hi guys, noob here, I have been struggling to get my passtrought card working with xpenology on my configuration. I do not know how to proceed and maybe some of you could give some good advice.


Here is my config:


Dell T5500 CPU x5675

Esx 6.5 

SAS card: DELL SAS 6/ir - which is an LSI rebranded (I flashed it to become an IT mode LSI 3081/1068)

I'm looking to use the raid card in pass trough mode as this would be a safe option if my ESX machine fails I could some how move the disk either to a Synology box I have or another Xpenology. Is this possible and hence is my intution correct? Would RDM have the same effect in terms of "safety" to be able to migrate in case of disaster?


I have a problem with the installation. I followed this guide which in turn lead to the attached config. Following, after I configure pass trought I get the message in that the disks are indeed reconised and I am queried to format them. The installation then proceeds and the restart I have to do by hand for some unknown reason at the time out of 10 minutes.


After that the DS cannot see the disks and I am prompted to insert them before proceeding ... ? 


How is it possible that the disk are seen for formatting purposes and then are not seen anymore? Is there a solution of some sort?


Thank to all in advance



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Hi guys - so I have good news:

I got everything working once I abandoned the LSI 1068 in favour of a DELL perc H200 flashed to IT mode(spent all of 19£). 


An important remark maybe for those in testing/development that if I understand correctly the H200 and the DELL 6i/r (LSI 1068) use different drivers and the former workws while the latter did not. This may be due to some driver fault of some sort. 


It may be good to check it out to take into account for devlopment and maybe could highlight this to Jun if deemed necessary.


I'll post my log at start up for completness any time soon.


Thank to all in any case.

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