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usb 3 card


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Can incompatibilities arise on OS level? I'd just think that a USB pci card functions as a hub


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I thought in terms of windows os and PCI cards where drivers are needed for the card to function properly. What you are implying is that all PCI usb 3 cards will function correctly?


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I am using one like THIS in my N54L


Which DSM version are you using?



I was using 4.3 3827 and it worked then, now using DSM 5.0 4458 update 2 and still working :grin:


It also comes with the low profile bracket which you need.

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Hi Robjo,


I received my card today and have installed it but it's not being picked up by the system. Did you install the card in a live box or did you install the card pre-DSM installation? I don't have a monitor handy so I haven't looked at the bios - is there anything that requires attention there?


HP N40L 8GB Ram

Bios-Mods bios hack applied

Trantor DSM 4.3.3827 Beta 7 update 2

This USB3 Card with NEC chip


Any advice most welcome.

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