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DS412+ flashing blue light - reflash the Flashdrive?



Hi, everybody,


I got a DS412+ given as a defect gift.

I have great interest to get it running again.


I've already done several self-built NAS projects - but with " readytogoNAS' " very little experience.


To the error description and what I have already tried:

The DS412+ doesn't boot - flashes continuously blue (more than 4.5min)

  • RAM swapped - no change
  • Battery replaced - no change
  • Power supply voltage measured - seems to be OK.

Now I almost assume that the flash module has a defect.
Am i right in my assumption?


My consideration now was - to remove the flash module, make a backup of it and then install XPENology?

Could this lead to get it working again?

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6 hours ago, hannmuell said:

i guess i don't have warranty anymore.

But i'll also give it a shot and ask there for support.

You're correct that you won't have warranty anymore but they should still be able to offer advice & possibly diagnose the issue.

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