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Tell DSM only to install the OS to Datastore SSD, and not passthrough disks?


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I have been playing around with getting DSM running on my second ESXi host for the longest time, but I run into the problem of the disk not being "aligned" 1-12. So I have to modify DSM to allow more disks to see all of them


This is fine, but if I ever need to migrate or switch loaders, I get into a loop of installations because as soon as I modify DSM to see more disks, it wants to migrate the install, and then overwrites the modifications again causing the disks not to show up


I would be perfectly content with giving my DSM VM a Whatever size virtual disk (Which would be on my nice enterprise NVMe SSD...) and then telling it NOT to put the OS on the storage disks


This way, all I would have to do is migrate that virtual disk, and then simply attach the physical disks and import the array


Is this possible?

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You can run two Storage Pools (one on enterprise SSD and the other on regular disk) and accomplish what you want without worrying about whether DSM is installed on regular disk.


However, my configuration is exactly what you are envisioning - isolate DSM to an enterprise SSD (in my case NVMe) RAID 1 which speeds things up quite a bit.  Link/guide in my sig.

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On 1/29/2019 at 9:36 AM, MooseMan123 said:

So if I start off the install with 2 drives, and then add 10, it will automatically "mirror" the install to the other drives in the background, no matter what type of separate disk group I make?


For the DSM and swap partition, yes.

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