Can't find disks .. Areca controller, 16 disk enclosure

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Finally connecting to DSM (again) .. and it detects no disks.  I have a 16 drive enclosure connected to supermicro board via areca 1680 adapter.  I've tried all disks in pass-through and also JBOD mode (I guess there is a difference).  There is no obvious HBA mode which I assume JBOD/pass-through is equivalent.


BIOS of supermicro is set to have SATA ports in AHCI mode.  There are no drives connected to mb so not sure if it matters.  There are two COM ports and I tried enabling the second one (first is enabled by default).


The 16 drives are recognized by controller and displayed at boot time.  I could create a hw RAID .. but I don't think that is recommended with NAS.  Hooking a drive up to mb would work but don't have 16 ports!


I could put a single SSD on mb and then try to add the other 16 after install.  What to try next?

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