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Synology Assistant finds DiskStation with wrong IP


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I've had starting over a few times, this time using the Xpenology Tool V1.4.2 


I have a SuperMicro server XDRi-F with one Xeon CPU and second CPU vacant.  I have Arcea 1680xi-8 adapter connected to a Sans Digital enclosure with 16 2T drives in pass through mode.


I'm using Jun's 1.02b loader (without MBR?) for DS3615XS.  I followed instructions exactly, entering vid, pid, s/n, mac and writing modified img to usb.  It boots fine but no matter what I do I can not connect using web to complete install.


I know what the IP is .. I've set it to static in BIOS and can ping it fine.  But I can't connect using ip http:\\ or locate using find.synology.com.  The Synology Assistant does locate it and has correct MAC and S/N .. but an impossible IP that is not on my network ( DHCP).  When I ping that IP I get a General failure which is different than the usual "host unreachable".


Seems like there should be a simple answer ...  please help and thanks in advance.


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You can’t set an ip for DSM via BIOS. That would only be valid for a NetBoot which DSM won’t use. 


You must have a DHCP server on the network to assign an initial ip.  After DSM is installed you can set static, whatever you want. 


Addresses on the 169 network usually indicate a default IP set when a DHCP server is not available. You would need to set up a compatible network and ip on your PC to successfully connect to it. 

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Okay .. thanks.  Makes a lot of sense.  I switched back to default DHCP in BIOS  ... AND switch LAN ports.  I only have two and figured both were Intel .. maybe but it makes a difference!  Now I'm getting "No hard disks" on the DSM browser based setup.  Might be because of my enclosure or adapter setup.  *Sigh*.

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