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Security risks were found! DSM system files have been modified unexpectedly

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I just noticed a new notification when I logged in to 1 of my NAS'es.

A N54L running DSM 5.2-5967 Update 9, after an update from -8  11 days ago.


When checking with the Security advisor, I was getting the message in the screendump, telling me :

"DSM system files have been modified unexpectedly"


Checking another NAS, with the same config, updated at the same time, same message.


The BIG question I have, has anyone else seen this? (and, what/how/why... )


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@WDCluB 1 box is not running Perl, (only added package is the Power button 6.1-0004

the other one is running Perl 5.18.4-0023 and LMS in addition to the Power button

and so they have been running since I upgraded from DSM 4.3 long time ago, this security msg started to show 11 days after any updates made.


btw: what is the newest Perl, and how to install it manually?

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