Dell R310 DSM 6.2.1

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I have searched the forum and tried a few things and cannot get the R310 to show up on my network when discovered, it boots just fine stops at the message, I search it on the network and look at my DHCP server and cannot find it, As if the drivers are not installed. I used 1.03b DS3617+  and 1.04b DS918+ and cannot get it to connect, I tried using the synology assistant with no success.


The R310 has the Broadcom BCM5709 chipset and LSI Perc 6i RAID controller from what I can find both are supported on latest loader 1.03b.. 


Has anyone had success getting the Dell R series power edge servers? I do read that DSM 6.1 is working with the additional extra.lzma drivers from IG-88, but I have not tried this. Any success getting DSM 6.2 or 6.2.1 working? Or if someone can assist with this?







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To answer my self, I got it to work with 1.02b loader DS3615xs (DSM 6.1.7) and the extra.lzma for ds3615 v4.8, works just fine. But cannot get it to work on DSM 6.2. Has anyone gotten DSM 6.2 to work on a Dell RXXX Poweredge servers? 


the only trouble I have is the processor is identified in the info center a as intel core i3-4130 with 2 cores,  instead of a quad core xeon with 4 cores

this might be cosmetic as I have read in previous posts, and does not affect the performance. 

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