Emby Media Server (Plex Alternative) Has Xpenology Specific Support

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I've been looking for a replacement for Plex as a media streaming server (long story, but I'm far from alone) and came across Emby (http://emby.media). I was very pleasantly surprised to see that they explicitly support Synology and Xpenology separately. The rationale being that, regardless of what CPU you actually have in your hardware, the Synology software always reports the CPU version for whatever .pat file you're running. This prevents the regular Synology Emby packages from utilising any CPU features that may aid in, for example, transcoding.


To work around this, they create specific builds for different architectures that you can specify as a parameter in your repo URL. More info here:




FYI, I'm presently running with the stock G1610T Celeron and there are *no* optimisations available for this, so I use the default package source URL.

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