Best low cost MB for 6.2

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Hi, I need to change my ancient HW, but I’m unsure on which one to choose for a new xpenology setup. 

I saw few comments reporting issues with transcoding on the J3455-ITX and also not sure if it supports the 6.2.


any suggestion?




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@Stefanos Not sure if the AMD subforum is the best choice for your Q, as the mb you refer to is using an Intel CPU ;-)

According to this post that mainboard is at least compatible with DSM 6.2.1, using 1.04 918+, even if as you mentioned transcoding might be a problem. 

But with that said, there is a lot of other "potholes on the road" to have HW accelerated transcoding working OK.


If you "scan" the reported updates you may get an idea of what mainboards that is most likely to work with DSM 6.2.1 updateX and use that as a base.

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@bearcat thank you for the fast response. The motherboard I was referencing to is just an example because it’s cited many times in this category. 

‘I’ve started looking at the reported updates but most of the tested configuration are heavy duty server configuration, and i’m Just looking for a fast and reliable MB to use for hoe video streaming. So the cpu could be whatever is better for dms 6.2.1+. Have you any suggestion?

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i receive this board today, it come with 1.40 bios impossible to install dsm 6.2.1 i find on network when i select .pat to install dsm i have issu error code 35.


C state is disabled, cms is enable


i make update to bios 1.80 same issu


anyone have idea i have few days to return it

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