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A few questions regarding HP N54 / More drives / Bricked system?


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Yeah great topic right?
Have been running xpenology (6.1.5-15254) on a HP Proliant N54 (Gen 7)for about a year now and it works very very well.
But i had a disk crash the other week that wasnt in a raid, lost nothing important but since then i have been pondering a few questions.


First of all, What happens if my little server just dies, can i just make a new xpenology server from a old pc and pop my drives inside of that one and all will be fine?
The reason that i ask is that im about to upgrade the drives in this guy and i just tried to install a drive to the on board 5.25 sata port and it doesnt show up in dsm.
I also tried the eSata port but no luck in that one either.

From what i understand i need to flash a custom bios to enable it. Flashing bios / firmware just makes me nervous.. since if i ******* up the device is bricked, so thats why im a bit nervous about my data right now.

And since i might want to run 5-6 disks i also need to basicly start from the beginning with all my packages and services running on this thing. This leads me to my other question.

- Can i remove the usb and the current drives to test out unraid/freenas or similar with other disks and then pop back the usb / xpenology drives and its all good?

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You should be able to, move the disks into another pc however it will depend on the hardware in the old pc so it would be worth testing it with a spare HDD to be sure it will work, make sure you install the same version that your N54 is running.


As you already know you will need to flash the bios to use the 5th sata port, it's pretty easy & should be fairly painless. Search for the bay bios.

You can remove the disks & USB to test free as etc,  however I would number the disks & put them back in the same order.

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