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Change Mediaserver default directory


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by default the dlna Media Server uses volume1/videos (/music, and /photo) for streaming and indexing. In the control panel > media indexing service you can ad additional folders to be indexed. But you are not allowed to delete the default folders. I already tried that, but did not work properly.


Soo, my problem: I do not want these shared folders showed in my network place, so I choose to hide them in the shared folders settings. Instead I created a new shared folder /volume1/media with my folders in it I want to be indexed.


I used a script to mount my media folder in the default media server folders. So now, I do not see the default folders in network environment anymore but still able to feed that media server.


# S99mount.sh
# mount/bind some folders on startup
# and umount them on shutdown/reboot

case $1 in
/bin/mount -o bind /volume1/music/ /volume1/media/music/
/bin/mount -o bind /volume1/photo/ /volume1/media/photo/
/bin/mount -o bind /volume1/video/ /volume1/media/video/
/bin/umount /volume1/media/music/
/bin/umount /volume1/media/photo/
/bin/umount /volume1/media/video/
echo "Usage: $0 [start|stop]"


So far thinks are working finde. It's just...when i copy new files to my media folders it doesn index automaticly. I have to login in into webman and start re-index service. What am I doing wrong. Just want my own folder structure to be available over dlna.


Hope you guys can follow me so far. My english is not that good.

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