HP N54L - beeping with 8TB Ironwolf

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Had this server running quite well for a number of years but I have been getting ever closer to the storage limit. Purchased a brand new 8TB Ironwolf drive to replace one of the 3TB drives so I shut the server down and replaced the drive (something I’ve done several times before).


But when I boot it up there is a regular beep coming from the system and it doesn’t detect the drive. After a while DSM loads and confirms it cannot see the drive as well as the current volume being degraded.


Here’s a video of the beep.


I assume it’s a hardware limit of the device and it doesn’t like the larger drive. The official spec says 2TB max but I have been running 3 and 4TB for a while without a problem.


Any ideas?



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Posted (edited)

This is from a N40L, currently running DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 2, no problems with 8TB IronWolf here



Can you see it in your BIOS, and what BIOS are you using?


Edit: it might be a DOA, can you verify the drive in another computer?

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Thanks for the reply. Earlier today I took the hard drive back out of the N54L and connected it to my PC. 


So I have worked in IT for over nearly 20 years and played around with PC for over 20 years and I've never seen this, but it turns out the beeping noise from the video is actually the Ironwolf drive beeping. The drive also does not appear in Disk Management so I believe you are right, it's DOA.

Starting an RMA with eBuyer now. :(

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