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Problems with modding a Terra Master F-220


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Hey guys,
I am a complete Noob to this, but I've read in the forum and watched some tutorials to be able to install DSM 6.2 on my Terramaster F-220.
I've bought a 12pin to VGA cable.
I tried it with the Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3615xs and Jun's Loader v1.02a2 DS918+.
I've changed the vid and pid within the grub.cfg and I adjusted mac1 and mac2 to the actual hardware provided macs.
For the DS3615xs loader I've used the serial generator to create a new serial number.

Both loaders have been bootable and the server has been recognized by my Fritzbox.
If I try to ping the IP Adress, I get no response.
find.synology.com and the Synology assistent are not able to find it either.
What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions what to try?
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I've just waited a little and now it works with the  Jun's Loader v1.02a2 DS918+. I guess my Fritzbox needed some time to deal with the new device. You may close the Thread. 


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