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On 12/31/2018 at 8:24 PM, skubi2808 said:

Hi, oh come on what is legal here this is just a nice backgrounds.


Let me just clarify one thing. Current loader is as legal as it gets. By legal I mean no binaries are being modified with the current loader. There is absolutely nothing illegal into creating a loader that hacks source code that is publicly available. Also the OS you are installing (DSM) is actually downloaded straight from Synology not from here so you are de facto using a 100% legit unmodified copy of DSM. Now, Synology states in its EULA that DSM is to be used only with Synology hardware. Therefore, what you do with the loader is not the hacker's responsibility nor ours.


On 12/31/2018 at 8:24 PM, skubi2808 said:

Yes, picture was free to download, the sign in the bottom right corner is mine.


If the pictures are free of any copyright then it is fine with me. Nice work. People I am sure will appreciate it.

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Very nice, thank you :) Maybe you could make a few with themes to the different login screns.



One for Download station with the theme downloads/downloading.

One for Video station with the theme Videos/Tv/Movies

One for File station with the theme files.


And a small suggestion would be to make them friendlier to the Synology style login boxes..


Im finding it very hard to see the outline of the login box on some of the wallpapers.


Could be awesome.


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