Some issues with J3455-ITX

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Hi all, I just built a NAS with the J3455-ITX using the 1.04b loader and the DS918+ image but I have some issues:

- the system wont shutdown (the gui is not reachable but the system is still on)

- the processor only works @1.5GHz (intead of bursting to 2.3GHz when required)


EDIT: tried with DS916+ image with 1.02b loader and now I'm able to shutdown (and the system is way faster w.r.t. DS918+) 

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On 8/16/2019 at 1:49 PM, T-REX-XP said:

Guys, this problem has been solved via modified extra.lzma. please find the solution via forum search. 


P.S: Shutdown via hardware button should work after installing poweroff package from this forum. 

Tnx I'm gonna search, i found something just with J4205 at the moment

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