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Install stalling at "Uploading"

Video Beagle

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Hi..I'm new.


I learned about all this from a YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M91zH9guFM) ) and decided to give it a try on a computer I had lying around.


It's all worked out pretty well. The boot drive boots, the web client finds the pc



But when I try to install (using the downloaded .pat file), I get to 56% and it stays there.




After a while, I get a "waiting for..." message in the bottom corner.



I've downloaded the .pat twice to make sure nothing went wrong..checked the md5 hash, all checks out...


(The Migrate in the first screen shot is what I get now, when I retried, not from the first install try).


I have a 320 gig drive in the box right now (Like I said, this is just a test out right now)..is that where i'm getting hung up?

It's a i3 processor, but that should kick out at the start I'd think, not at 56%.


These are the files I'm using (the ones used in the video):

DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02-alpha



Might anyone have some thoughts on this as I search around?


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Ok..I got the 1.02b loader, I reformatted the test drive to just flat ntsfs across the board, altered the bootloader files to reflect my info (and i realized I might have put the PID and VID in the wrong spots in the previous attempt)  , and tried again, and this time it worked!

So now I'm working thru the menus to set up the system and give it a try!  Thanks for the help!


Gonna try setting up a base file server and an iTunes server, then maybe see what happens if I add a second drive into the system.


EDIT: And files set up easily, as does the iTunes server add in.  Sadly, I've found that the iTuenes Server won't work with Apple TV...a limitation of the Apple TV...which means the ultimate goal of this project testing might not be doable..but it's been a good learning experience to have.

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Hi all.

I also experienced issues similar to the above described ones


      I've tried to install xpenology/dsm on a Dell Latitude Laptop - bare metal install -  for a few days and numerous times, sometimes not being even able to locate the PC on the network, other times not being able to locate the PC after the system install so not being able to get to the screen where You set-up the account etc, but today I managed to get this installed - and this is what I had to do:

1. Went into the router menu ( / depending on the ISP/network settings) and deleted all the "old entries" of this PC - some people were mentioning this may create issues

2. Created a Win7 bootable USB and full-formatted the HDW on the Dell, using DiskPart, also converting it to "gpt" (UEFI) in the "repair" menu using the CMD.

Instructions to do that: cmd ->diskpart -> list disk -> select disk x (select disk 0) -> clean -> convert gpt -> exit

3. Formatted the USB stick that I planned to use - also converting it to "gpt": same approach as above, but make sure to not erase Your own host PC harddrive -> so MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE CORRECT DRIVE (look for size of the USB stick, ex 3.8GB for a 4GB stick)

4. Further followed the instructions available at:



I used loader available at:



From this list I picked Juns v1.02b.iso loader




Just make sure to edit the Mac and SN in the boot loader iso file (instructions available in the above mentioned video by b00bytrap )

For DSM OS I used The 6.1 version, available at:



I picked this one:




With all the mentioned above, I was able to have the DSM installed on my Dell Latitude as we speak, and now going through setting up the disks for usage


Hope this will help someone struggling with the same issue -> so main fact that I had to do again was:


1. Picking the "right" loader and DSM combination

2. Delete the PC entries off the router records

3. Format both the HDW and the USB drive and convert them as "gpt"


I am not sure which step of the above were, in fact, causing trouble before when trying to install it, but anyways that is the steps that helpded me out. Good luck





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At first very important facts are the hardware components of your laptop. What model of Dell Latitude Laptop do you have ? It means what CPU, Motherboard, Lan/Wlan-Card,...is built in your Notebook.


Second it can depend on booting types/sequence.


Have a look at the forum about very different hardware combinations. The Synology model you chose, the loader, the DSM-Variante depends on it.

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