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Files and LUN corrupted after RAID 6 rebuild failed





I have a 8bay xpenology server runs RAID 6 for months. The first 6 disks is connected to MB, the other two is connected to PCI-E SATA adapter (Marvell 88SE9215).


A few days ago, I get a notification from my server that says Disk 7 & 8 was disconnected unexpectedly and system being degraded.


I reboot the server, the Disk 7 & 8 back again but shows ""System Partition Failed", and the system is still degraded.


I use the repair function to add Disk 7 & 8 back to my RAID set, and the system starts to check parity consistency (looks like rebuild?), all my file is fine at this moment.


After Disk 7 finished rebuild, the Disk 8 starts check parity consistency continuously, but when progress  about 23%, the Disk 7 & 8 got disconnected again, and the repair operation failed.


After this failure, I found almost all service is down (Applications, LUNs, Snapshots), and system gets thousands of "checksum mismatch" error for files on the RAID volume.


I reinstall the snapshot replication and trying to restore my volume, but the snapshot also broken.


I bought a new sata adapter to replace to old one and run repair again, the repair is completed without problems, now the system state is fine, but the files still corrupted.


I have no others backup but snapshots, Is there any chance to fix my files?

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