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Use virtual serial port to correct bad static route?


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So I’ve been experimenting trying to get vdsm working on my ESXi 6.7 ds918 v1.04b expenology install  (that’s been working flawlessly for weeks BTW). I’ve installed the VMM and have been trying to get a nested Vdsm working however the vdsm never gets and ip address and can’t be accessed. Anyway, after trying many things that didn’t help, I decided to add a static route designating my primary network interface as a gateway to my lan thinking it could be a routing problem. Well, big mistake because I lost network access to the ESXi ds819 vm. 


I need to remove this static route to fix it and I prefer not to do a complete reinstall if it can be avoided since I’d need to reconfigure a lot of stuff again. I have no experience with the DSM serial port so question is, after boot, is it configured such that one can use it to log in to the shell/command line? If so then I’ll set up a virtual serial port to connect to the Ds819 vm’s serial port and fix it (HPE ML350 gen 9 has virtual serial port capability ). Or, is there and easier way to cause DSM to reset the network configuration? Maybe via a grub parameter or ?


Sincerely appreciate some guidance!



ds819 v1.04b loader

esxi 6.7

HPE ML350 gen 9

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