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Moving from one Xpenology hardware device to another

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Hi all


I am looking to replace my N54L with a newer, more powerful unit.  I don't have new drives to put in so I will be moving the 3 existing units into the new system.


Is there a specific process to do this or is it as simple as copying Jun's loader from my current setup onto a spare USB stick, moving the HDD's into the new system and then booting the new hardware?



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is it necessary that both boxes are running the same S/W version?


Asking because i'm planning on migrating from my official Synology (DS212j, DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 2) to a new custom Xpenology box already tested and running well (Loader v1.02b, DS3615xs, DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1). The official synology procedure mentions that both boxes should be running the same SW version.


Thanks in advance for the help.


** forgot to mention that i'm running the original volume (2 x WD RED 2 TB) as JBOD (yes i know i should have some redundancy but i can't afford bigger drives at the moment)





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@Olegin i dusted an old HP DX2400 from the basement to test Xpenology before I go forward with building a new box, it’s got an intel e7600 and 4 gb of ram, have to say xpenology ran nicely before it crashed yesterday. What happened is that I followed what a member of the community did with his and moved the HDDs from the DS212j and aligned the HDDs to the SATA ports as they were in the DS212j. Booted, the volume was recognised, required a quick fix but it was A OK. Installed Plex media server and added my libraries and streamed music from the box for more than three hours without a hiccup. Then I tried to stream a movie (direct stream with no transcoding) it started stuttering saying that my server is too slow, so I rebooted the routers, switches and the Xpenology box, then boom ... the new volume totally crashed and I couldn’t bring it back. Moved the drives back to the DS212j and i’m Back to point zero.


not sure what went wrong there, any insights? I’m going to try your suggestion with a fresh install on the test box from scratch but i’m Not sure the volume is going to hold afterwards, a bit of a hassle if it doesn’t  😕

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