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Change disks order in DSM



Hello guys,


Maybe it is an stupid question, but is it possible to configure several hard disk in a NAS, and then rearrange them in different order?

Let's make an example:

I do have 2 controllers in my Xpenology PC, one (SATA1) in my motherboard with 6 SATA ports, and other external (SATA2), - mini PCI-E via M.2 E-key port- with 4 SATA ports.

I have 5 HDDs.


Now in my current configuration I don't have problems, as everything fits inside the first controller:

- HDD1 is going to be in SATA1_1

- HDD2 to SATA1_2


- HDD5 to SATA1_5


But let's say that I want 2 SSDs in RAID 1 for CACHE, and I know that the fist controller is faster (just with SSDs) than the second one (which for HDDs is the same), if now I put (for example):

- HDD5 in SATA2_1

- SSD1 in SATA1_5

- SSD2 in SATA1_6


So, questions:

1) I know that the SSDs are not part of the same volume, and shouldn't be a problem (we could not even thinking about the SSD but just the HDD5) , but if I move the HDD5 from SATA1_5 to SATA2_1, does it keep working without doing anything?

2) So if I permute (like HDD1 to SATA1_5, HDD5 --> SATA1_1) any HDD it could work too? Or something needs to be change?


Maybe someone can help me with my questions.


Thanks and greetings!!

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