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Does it mather how manu cpu you choose in esxi


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On 12/12/2018 at 2:54 PM, NoFate said:



ia have several xpenology on my esxi

the one with PLEX i gave 4 cpu

can i just give the other ones like 1 cpu only? is it stable?

or does it always needs to be 2 ? because 3615 is also 2

1 cpu 2 cores


2 cpu 1 core?


I wouldn't worry about it too much, ESXi will manage CPU resources across all your VMs and CPU cores.  'over allocating' vCPUs to a little used VM is unlikely to impact your main systems as by definition, it's not doing much.


I allocate 4 vCPU for my main server with Plex and 2 vCPUs for the other DSM instances (downloader, surveillance, test) - this is on a Dell T20 (3.4Ghz quad core Xeon) with 24GB RAM.

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