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Reinstall DSM, how to do?

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Good evening!

I've been driving my Hp microserver for a few months now and learned a lot and tried and developed, and of course made some things wrong and thought that a reinstallation would be in place and change from box 1. Now I have 4 disks in which is relatively full of data that I would rather not want between storing on other devices when I'm going to reinstall, in the same vein, I was going to make a new bootloader that's of a newer version.

How do I do without losing everything?

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This is how I have done it:


1 - Prepare a new USB bootstick. (what version do you have, and what will you be using next? )

2 - Download the .pat file you are going to use (to do a manual installation later on)

3 - Uninstall any extra packages form the Package Center

4 - Delete all users (but NOT the admin user)

5 - Power down your NAS

6 - Replace the connected USB bootstick with the new one

7 - Boot for the new USB bootstick

8 - "Find" you NAS, manually install your .pat

9 - "Migrate" your disks, if asked: delete all settings, keep data.

10 - Start messing it up again ;-D


Attention: by doing it like this, you can't make any changes to your Raid setup, Volumes or filesystems.



before doing anything of the above, make sure you have validated backups of all your files, in at least 3 physical locations ;-)



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i tried to reinstall everything but when "finding" my NAS i don''t have an option to install manually - only the option to "restore" When i do this all my settings are still there.


But i want only my data and not my settings to be restored....


What can i do?



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On 3/11/2019 at 7:06 PM, chemistry said:

Ok - thanks for the answer... i did something else in the meantime - i formated the dsm partitions on my drives with a partition program so that i could do a reinstall of DSM.


Your way might have been a little easier though 😅


can you please tell me which are the DSM partitions, beacuse I have forgot the password, and I have no SSH or Admin account activated.....

When I look the partition with Ubuntu, I can not understand which one I have to delete...


Thanks for the help....

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