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DSM 6.1 on Proxmox 5.3 -- Can't Auto start, with uefi no boot

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Hello Everybody!

Thanks to all the people behind this forum, behind proxmox & xpen development and testing.

I'm using DSM 6.1 on proxmox from about 1year.. and I am so happy about it! Very very performant and I haven't have any kind of problem, till monday. :(

Actually, as almost allways, the problem is my fault.. I changed some parameter on the vm and reset it.. now I can't get it work again! :(

I followed 5 guides and read and read.. but nothing. 
Basically, I can start the VM with default BIOS (No UEFI) and then press ESC and enter the number corresponding to the usb on which there is DSM.. and it will start. BUT it does not start automatically 'cause it launches the PXE network install.


Instead, if I change the bios to UEFI and then I set on the uefi auto boot the usb.. it TRIES to start all alone.. but when launches the DSM 6.1 Baremetal, I don't know why, the SM turns off!!

Here the VM config:

This is the vm.conf file, if you prefer it:



I do not know what to try again.... 
Thanks a lot to everyone who can help me.




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