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HP N40L usb 3.0 card not working on DSM 6.2.1


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Hi, I migrated my HP N40L from the dsm 6.1.7 version with bootloader jun's v1.02b to the dsm version 6.2.1 starting from a fresh copy of the jun's v1.03b bootloader. Everything seems to work except for the two USB 3.0 ports available on the additional PICe card. While on the previous version the two ports worked well now nothing is detected. 

Any idea or suggestion?



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It happens to me too and as sat4064 I am not on 6.2.1 but 6.2 23739

I use a nec uPD720202 usb 3.0 by delock, in another thread https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/13022-n40l-usb3-pci-e-card-not-functioning-in-dsm-62/somebody said it works on dsm 6.2 but not for me. 


0000:03:00.0 USB controller: Renesas Technology Corp. uPD720202 USB 3.0 Host Controller (rev 02)


But no driver loaded 


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