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I heard about Synology before but never about Xpenology until two weeks days ago, I stumbled on a youtube video while looking at reviews for a replacement NAS. So I decided not to buy an off-the-shelf unit and opted to build my own after viewing this forum. I followed Polanskiman’s guide and after a couple tries I was up and working on an old Dell OptiPlex just to test it. Yesterday my parts arrived to finish my ITX board build but still testing for now but hope to go live within the next few days.  I have a few questions  and was hoping for some feedback before going live.  Below is the bootloader and build I used:


  • DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 2
  • 3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b (MBR_Genesys).img


Upgrade path - My system is an ASRock J3455B-ITX with 8GB of ram with two 2TB Red Western Digital NAS rated hard drives. I see that one of the other members had a similar board and ASRock J3455 (without the B) and they were able to advance to the DSM 6.2 with the 1.04 bootloader. Is there a path for my board to get to the DSM 6.2? Clearly I'm not understating something.


Bootloader & DSM - I installed and reinstalled 8 to 10 times so just to make sure I’m OK with editing the bootloader. During one of the test I mistakenly upgraded to ver 6.2 and crashed the system. I then discovered if I select get “important updates” only instead of “Newest DSM and updates’ I would only be offered the patches. So my question here is there an FTP location for important updates only such as “Update 2” to avoid direct downloads from the DSM software & NAS itself?  


Flash drive - Is there a way to exchange flash drives without wiping the entire NAS configuration? I currently have the older/bigger scandisk cruzer in use and was able to purchase a “Scandisk Fit” which is the miniature model.  Since the Scandisk Fit doesn't extend out as much like the older type just wondering if there is a way to swap the flash drive only without wiping the disk? Would the Back-up feature work for that?


Data recovery – I was looking for data recovery options in the event of an epic failure. For example if the board crashes along with one of my two hard drives would it be possible to slave the remaining disk into a MS Windows system and use something "like" USF Explorer or Linux_Reader since I selected Raid1 & ext4 to offload my files? I only mention USF Explorer because a I had cheap Buffalo NAS and that's what I had to use when it failed


Ultimately I only need to use the Xpenology box for file storage and to accept backups created from two desktop systems. The other task the system will perform is I’ll have the FTP service enabled to accept video from our security cams which are also on the same LAN. More than likely I’ll never use any of the other add-ons and I'll have a firewall rule in place to block wan access. Any feedback on one or all my noob questions would be much appreciated, thanks for looking.

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