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Sync content of a single volume in High Availability Manager?


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I am planning to setup a Docker Swarm or Kubernets cluster with 3 nodes. Since a Container/Pod can be scheduled to be run on any of those 3 nodes,

I need to have a shared storage. First I was thinking that i can solve the problem with a cephfs replicated storage having a 100gb ssd partition on each of those 3 nodes.


Since I allready have two XPE6.2.1 boxes, I was thinking, if the Synology High Availability Manager would allow me to create something similar.

Both boxes should have their own volumes and a dedicated volume with a single share on a ssd that should be synched between both instances.

If this is possible I would rather prefer to use NFS, as it is sufficient for my needs. 


Does anyone have experience with the High Availability Manager and know wheter it is an all or nothing deal, or allows to configure specific items that should be HA.


Thanks in advance,


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