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SSH cmd:s ?


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Hi, I'm still new with Xpenology and Linux, I've searched and searched for finding good commands via ssh to check the status of the server, someone who knows some good?

Also good if you can check the security holes and, incidentally, block them.



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It depends what you want to check the status of :) 

I would not use SSH for that. That would mean opening SSH access and setting up a client, perhaps to run scripts - all complicated if you are a 'noob'

Why not look at the monitoring that DSM already has built in (Control Panel > Notifications) and setup smtp email to send you an alert email depending on the event

If you want more detailed monitoring then look at an SNMP software like paessler prtg.

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I already use DSM's built-in and that's certainly good, I think.

Cpu, lan ports, hdds I would like to start by checking through text promt. Most of the knowledge should. I have set up ssh and changed port of course. When not in use, I turn it off so it is not active. Have had lots of login attempts from Russia, China, etc. So it's closed when I'm not using it.

I'm "noob" but want to learn and play with some more advanced shapes

SNMP software? paesseler prtg, will look in to it.

Thanks for the reply.

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