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Migrate from xpenology to a real synology



Mi old HP N54L with DSM 5.2 is tired, and too noisy.

I was thinking on getting a brand new DS918+.

Can I install my 4x3Tb  from my xpeno to the new synology without loosing any data?


I know you wil tel me to backup my data first but i dont want to buy any extra storage to do that. I want to use my old harddrive.

Is that possible? 

Thx in advance.


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Before you transfer your hdds to the 918+ I would update the DSM boot loader firmware on it to the same base version as you have on your xpe box (use a spare hdd and install the dsm .pat file to install it).

You should then be able to migrate and (imho) its less risky if the DSM base versions are the same. If your xpe box has updates patches added, these will be lost and you will have to reapply. 

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