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My Experience with update from JUN V1.02 ALPHA to V1.03B


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Hi everybody,

I'm still quite new with XPEnology but I've been running the summer vacation on an old PC. At the bottom you will find the PC information.

Today I wanted to update my XPEnology PC. I quickly arrived at the Forum that v1.02 is not suitable for DSM 6.2! so looking for which version I ran now and Jun V1.02 with DSM 6.1.6-15266 update 1. Then the last version of DSM 6.2.1-23824 and JUNV1.03B after I did this I went to the installation procedure to follow, so put new USB in there JUN and PC restart and put I want DSM 6.2.1-23824 and PC reboot okay everything seems good to this point! I can not see my NAS coming online with an IP address !!!! so panic of what now.


In doing so, I first went to see if I could go back to a previous version of DSM, unfortunately I could not get an IP address with every reboot of a recovery. Then JUN version went back the same story. Then I tried after hours and searched for this link

Here were some tips that I have followed and I succeeded and I now run on version DSM 6.2-23739 with last JUN V1.03B


1) Disconnect all disks
2) Connect a spare HDD to SATA port 1
3) reinstall USB with JUN V1.03B and download DSM DSM 6.2-23739, create an administrator user and a server name that matches the live system, do NOT make volume / raid. (Update DSM with your pre-beta version)
4) Shut down, reconnect raid drives to SATA ports 2-n
5) Restart, log in, go to Storage Manager
 there you can fix partitions on raid, Check if all your data is visible again and switch off NAS.
6) Remove backup HDD and reconnect raid drives to SATA ports 1-n
7) Start your NAS, Login and check your data.
8) Turn off automatic update.


I also updated from DSM 6.2-23739 to DSM 6.2.1-23824 while attempting to repair my NAS AND THAT'S NOT WELL !! DO NOT UPDATE !!



JUN Versie  V1.03B
DSM Versie  6.2-23739
XPEnology Model DS3617xs
CPU Intel Xeon D-1527
CPU clock rate 2.5 GHz
CPU Cores 4
RAM 5120 MB  
HHD 2x 1 TB + 1x 4TB


I hope you have some information about this, how you can update and downgrade and what you should not do.

If anyone has any questions, I would love to hear it.


Best regards,

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I should make one important point. Your process requires that the array be complete. If it takes four disks then that what needs to be moved. Anything less and "repair" will not show up. The spare HDD on SATA 1 is more a limitation of the BIOS and what's bootable. Also for those who have an HP Prolient 40L the internal bays left to right are 0-1-2-3. Anyway I'm almost tempted to call this latest "upgrade" a virus. More because it's difficult to get rid of, than put on.  Next step (for me) is file recovery. More possible when discussing an array, but still a PITA.

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would this method also work with JBOD array?I have tried few times but no luck,


fresh install and config on spare drive but once I remove the  spare new hdd , after  reboot it always comes back with RECOVER but this fails to show up after a reboot with the spare drive either  connected  and not connected.


next I will try manually format small 2.3GB first partition on original array drives and reinstall from fresh USB loader

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I can confirm this has worked like a charm , no need having clean drive and  swaping installation drives , this did not worked for me at all.


simply boot your NAS with GParted live usb or similar ,and format each 2.37GB partition to ext3(don't touch any other partitions!!), then boot again with fresh usb ,


I had old 6.1 1.02b before and went straight to 6.2 1.03b , select 2nd option on the bootloader screen , feed PAT file via browser and boom all your stuff is back even on JBOD setup!! 

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