Impossible to migrate array?

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I have a DSM intall in ESXi, and I have an LSI 9207-8i passed through with 12 drives attached. For whatever reason, they connect in DSM on ports 13-24. Because of this, I need to modify DSM to allow more than 12 disks once its installed. And because of THAT, I must install DSM on a virtual drive first. (if I could fix that, this problem would probably be moot!)


I got everything going in a test VM, and I wanted to simulate migrating the array. So I deleted the 20GB virtual disk I had DSM installed on, and made a new one.


As soon as it boots it acts like a fresh install, since it can't see the other drives. So I install DSM and then modify it again to allow 24 drives. But then when I reboot, it must see the drives and it says that I am migrating from a different ds3617xs and need to either re-install DSM, or "migrate". Well, "migrate" involves pointing it at the DSM install file, which then resets the drive count back to 12...


So I end up in a loop and can never seem to access the data again.


Am I doing something wrong here?

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Try the following.

Create fresh VM install and name the new server the exact same name as the original.

once you are up and running do not create a new volume.

shutdown VM and add your drives to the new VM.

restart VM.  and log back in to DSM , open up "Storage Manager",  it should pick up the original array "Volume" and ask you to repair .


I just migrated an array from a VM DS3617xs running 6.2, to a VM DS3615xs running 6.2.1. And all worked great.

My drives however are RDM's which makes them easy to add to VM's (When I made them RDM's, they were part an array Volume already and I did not loose any data)


Good luck


This is how I made them RDM's Video

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That's what I am doing, but no luck


If I don't modify DSM to allow 24 drives they don't show up, and if I do modify DSM to see 24 drives I get stuck in the loop

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Consider fixing the drive numbering before trying to migrate?


Check for unnecessary vSATA controllers in your VM?


SataPortMap?  DiskIdxMap? This stuff is in the basic tutorials.


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Which guides are you referring to? All I can find is threads with people being confused


I have 1 SATA controller for the 50MB VMDK, and then my HBA. It seems like I should be entering 0 12 or 1 12, however I can't go over 9 on the entries...

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