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Migration of DSM 6.1

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I recently updated my desktop computer, used for gaming and serious CAD work  and thus had a perfectly fine Asus  P8Z68 V-Pro motherboard, a Intel i7 2600k, 650 platinum PSU and 16 Gig og Ram superflous. I trasmogriffed the whole shebang into my previous NAS case,  Fractal design R5 with 5 Noctua's, and the old innards went to recycling (ol' gigabyte MB with core duo processor), plugged the USB system in , did nothing in bios and booted up, found it with Synology finder and gave it its right IP.

This thing is fast, silent and extreme overkill! Of couse I could put in a GTX 750 too just for bragging (it is headless) :D

Top of the line rig 7-8 years ago, very powerful NAS today.

Still running DSM 6.1

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