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How to configure sata_args in grub.cfg?!




I tried to make sense of the different keys and their values. Though without a proper documentation or explenation, I am not able to puzzle the pieces together.


snippet of grub.cfg


set sata_args='sata_uid=1 sata_pcislot=5 synoboot_satadom=1 DiskIdxMap=0C SataPortMap=24 SasIdxMap=0


The only two parameters I know are:

- SataPortMap: number of harddisks per controller, numerical value per controller

- DiskIdxMap: offset for the first harddisk per controller, hexadecimal value [0-F] per controller.


I guess SasIdxMap does the same for SAS controllers as DiskIdxMap does for SATA controller.


But what about sata_uid, sata_pcislot and synoboot_satadom?


Those settings are arround since long time and should apply to at least all of Jun's bootloaders.


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Some more datiled infos from https://github.com/evolver56k/xpenology/blob/master/synoconfigs/Kconfig.devices




Reads Sata-Port-Mapping information and forces the sata hosts

to initialize specified number of ports. This makes the disk

name not skip some characters.


Notice - Do NOT set the port number out of the range that [0-9].

               It supports as most 9 ports now.


For example, SataPortMap=4233 means the 1st host use 4 ports,

the 2nd host use 2 ports, the 3rd and 4th host use 3 ports.




Add boot argument DiskIdxMap to modify disk name sequence. Each

two characters define the start disk index of the sata host. This

argument is a hex string and is related with SataPortMap.


For example, DiskIdxMap=030600 means the disk name of the first

host start from sdd, the second host start from sdq, and the third

host start sda.





Add boot argument sata_remap to remap data port sequence.

For example, sata_remap=0>4:4>0 means swap the first disk name

and the 5th. The following is the remap result.

       ata1 - sde

       ata2 - sdb

       ata3 - sdc

       ata4 - sdd

       ata5 - sda




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