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My XPEnology is/was running with:

Disk 1: 2 TB

Disk 2: 6 TB

Disk 3: 6 TB

Disk 4: 2 TB


I was having bad sectors on one of the older 2TB drives, so I am gonna replace them. First I shut down the server, and replaced disk 4 with another drive.

DSM came up with a "degraded" storage pool, just as expected. I added the new drive to storage pool and repaired it. Everything looks good. Now running with a 2TB drive in disk 1, and the rest is 6TB drives.


This morning I was trying to replace disk 1 following the same procedure.

After replacing the drives, DSM never came up again. Synology Assistant found the NAS, but didn't recognize that any existing DSM was installed.

I didn't have time to reinstall the old drive, but I assume that it will boot up as usual when that is done.


How do I replace disk 1?

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7 hours ago, bearcat said:

What happens if you boot without Disk 1?


You may try to use your "old disk 4" to replace the faulty disk 1,

to see if it makes any difference in regards to your boot problem.

If I boot without disk 1, then it boots as it should.


Then I tried switching the disk 1 (new) and disk 2, so I have the new empty drive in disk 2, and disk 2 is in disk 1 slot now. Then it booted without problems, and it is now rebuilding the array.


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