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New user with various generic questions.


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So....I think I will start with some generic questions.


I am re-purposing my old gaming/workstation as a NAS running DSM.


They are:

Intel i5 5500k

Asus P8Z68-V



I detached video cards and sound cards as they arent needed.


1) The motherboard as RAID capabilities and also intel smart storage, do i need to prepare anything to use those features? Or they arent beneficial at all?


2) I just realise I have a DVD-RW, wondering if DSM can be run as a ripping station for DVDs?


3) Any tips on making it more energy efficient?


4) I am also re-purposing some of the HDD as part of the NAS, I used HDDScan and did some short-time SMART scans, any recommendations to do better scanning? or needed at all?





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Hi, Welcome to the forum.


1) DSM will handle the raid array, it's what it's designed to do.

2) Not as far as I'm aware.

3) Setting the HDD's to spin down after a set time & also schedule power on off when not in use.

4) DSM has S.M.A.R.T. testing built in & testing can be scheduled.


I'd suggest having a look at the tutorials & FAQ's then trying to install DSM 6.1 with jun's 1.02b loader & DS3615xs image as this is what most people use & has the widest compatibility..

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1) The reason I ask is, I need to set the settings in my BIOS for either AHCI or Raid mode, under Intel SmarT Rapid Technology (Or something like that)


2) So, there is no reason to attach a dvd drive? As I only have 4x SATA3 and 2x SATA6 ports, and I think i have more than 6 HDDs to use.


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1 hour ago, aol said:

Definitely you want the disks set in AHCI mode. Don't use onboard raid, DSM does that for you. I think you want to use UEFI drivers in the BIOS, not legacy?

Don't know about the DVD drive.


Yes, thats the question I wanted to ask, thanks for the reply.

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