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LSI 9207-8i - No Disks


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I have got some parts together for a new virtual DSM build, including an LSI 9207-8i adapter, which is connected to my Supermicro BPN-SAS2-826EL1 backplane


I am running ESXi 6.7, and I have passed the adapter through to the DSM virtual machine, however it will not see the single 250GB SATA disk I have currently got in the system. If I pass through the card through to a Windows VM, it works fine and I can see full SMART details


Is there any further steps I can take to see any extra log detail, to try and figure this out? From research the LSI 9207-8i should work fine with DSM. Sadly I don't have any more 3.5" disk to throw in, just incase DSM doesn't like that disk for some reason.



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Some updates:


With some help from @Hostilian I managed to get the drives to show up


I didn't actually have to edit the grub config, just modifying /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf worked fine. I didn't have the other file he referenced either.



I will be using the below post to get the 50MB disk to go away



Its still frustrating I have to edit the synoinfo.conf. I was hoping to get it to "just work" with just bootloader modification


So far with 7 random SATA-I and II 80GB and 160GB HDD's (Yes, you read that right. All I had for testing) in SHR I am getting over 350MB/s read and write on a ENCRYPTED folder. This is better performance than my real DS1817+ with all nice shiny new 8TB drives. I guess 8 vCores from an E5-2680V2 helps...


I am also still trying to figure out if I will need to keep DSM installed on a virtual disk (Not that I am against it), and what size I should really use


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