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Newbie questions / New System or use old Hardware


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Hi Guys!


As my old NAS died some days ago, i stumbled over this solution to build a new NAS wie XPEnology.


I got the situation here, that i have old Hardware in use that currently is used as a fileserver and downloadstation. It runs under Windows10 with a drive pool Software called Drivebender.


It works pretty well (now for years), but there are no benefits regarding Backups, Raid etc.


Now i am asking me, how to start.... using the old Hardware and just install XPEnology and be happy or buy new stuff thats (maybe) faster and more efficent?


I am currently using 

CPU:  Intel Pentium G840 (Sandy Bridge) 2Core (Max TPD65W)

Mainboard: MSI H67MA-E35

RAM: 4GB DDR3 (2x2GB)



Would new Hardware like a Asrock j3455 + RAM be more efficient and faster?

Is the old hardware in theory capable of beeing used?

Or would be the best to go for new CPU and Board and RAM like  8th gen i3/i5 + Asrock H370M-ITX ?


Thanks for your help,






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If you can, just backup what you have now on the fileserver, and test XPEnology on your current hardware. I notice that once XPEnology is running I have no need to go into its OS and tinker.. It just works (like your current fileserver is doing right now). The only benefit I see (for me) to go with new hardware, is to be able to install new versions of XPEnology as they become available. Starting with the new Loader 1.04b requires you to have new architecture CPU to install the latest DSM 6.2.1.xxxxxx. And the benefits to go that high is to eventually maybe gain hw transcoding for videos. 

I would give your current hardware a try first. then decided to spend the money on newer, better hardware.

Some ppl here have rigs that blow anything that Synology hardware has to offer, but since they are limited by what DSM can do, they have other ways to get things like transcoding done more efficiently.


Test it out on your current hardware. Start from 1.03b DS3617xs and work your way down till it works, if it doesn't then you got your answer.

good luck.

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Ok - thank you for your answer...


I think i will go for new hardware. I read some reviews and even the SOC Board J5005 ist significantly (+50%) faster then my old PC hardware.

And i really want to have new DSM Versions supported. 


Any suggestions what might be the best shot for hardware? Is it a SOC like the Asrock J5005 or is a generic new Intel CPU + Mainboard better (in terms of compatibility now and in future?)

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