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Docker UNC path problems


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Has anyone experience UNC path problems to their NAS when running a Docker container?


When not in use I can browse to my Diskstation shares on Windows using \\MYNAS just fine. When Docker containers run I can only use \\192.x.x.x on certain devices. Might even be a Windows 10 thing.


I can touch my containers files with forward mapped ports to get to them on my local subnet no problem. Docker is set to use the 172.x.x.x subnet and I run containers in bridged network mode.


Is there some sort of conflict with the way the Docker container is running? Or is this a bug with Windows 10?

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I think the culprit is Emby, but it gets very strange because it happens when no containers are running. If I stop Docker manually and try pinging again same problem.

ipconfig tools with /release /renew /flushdns do nothing, as well as rebooting my PC.

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running those ipconfig commands will just re-grab the dns entry for mynas from your dns server (more than likely your router). You need to get your synology to re-register it's ip in DNS (rebooting or using dhclient command).


if you use nslookup mynas it should tell you what IP your DNS server has for that hostname. 


as for emby - maybe don't use bridged network for this docker?

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